The Home Birth of baby E.

Grandmother looking after daughter

Was just after I finished my dinner I got a phone call: I think the baby is coming soon I was told.

I put my camera bad in my car and drove to Inverurie in Aberdeenshire which is about 15 minutes from Patricia Thom Photography studio, I got there before the midwives, but they were not far behind, I stayed back and tried to stay out of the way.

Midwife reassuring mother to be

Mama was strong and so relaxed (she did the hypnobirth) which worked wonders for her, as time passed and the contractions came and gone, grandma called me over and said, is that the head? I said yes the midwives were doing some paperwork, so we turned to them and said the baby is coming, it was so fast, it was an amazing moment for this family, I feel so privileged to be able to capture this amazing moments for this mummy as she wouldn't be able to remember all these precious feelings, moments that pass so fast, the moment this baby girl came and went into her mother's arms, the first cuddles, the first kiss, now captured for this family to treasure forever.

Midwife Reassuring Mother to be Patricia Thom Photography

You did it girl!!!!

1st kiss of a mummy and baby

Thanks C.A. for allowing me to be part of this special moment in your lives.

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