Beautiful Baby E. with her mummy's Wedding Dress

Baby E. have a special spot in my heart.

I know her mummy for nearly 2 years now and when her mummy told me she was pregnant I was so excited!!

Mummy had a tough pregnancy which was the total opposite of her first pregnancy of handsome O., that made me thinking she was having a girl.

When mummy messaged me that she had a girl me and the family was over the moon for them, now they had a prince and a little princess, not forgetting R. (The puppy).

Baby E. came with her big brother and she also brought her mummy's wedding dress for some extra special pictures.

Thanks again for choosing Patricia Thom Photography to capture these special images that you all will cherish for a lifetime.

If you also want to book your Newborn Photoshoot with me just send me an email.

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